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Keeping up with Technology

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Keeping up with Technology

Why is it important to keep up with new technologies? 


We spoke with owner and director of Brunel Engraving, Martyn Wright, on the importance of keeping up with new technologies in a constantly changing market.  


1. Firstly, do you actually think it is important for businesses to develop alongside new technologies? Yes


2. Why is this? It is paramount for us to keep up with, or ahead of, the competition. Investing in new relevant technologies helps us achieve this.


3. How has your business been directly effected by increasing changes in technology? What have you done about this? More effectively allowing us to produce more products more efficiently at a lower cost. 


4. Technology is a rapidly changing market; how would one know exactly when to invest in new technology considering how quickly it might be made redundant? We have an ongoing program of investment. Any new processes/products would be analysed for their relevance within our business model, if it can be justified we would then make the investment. 


5. What is the most useful piece of technology you have invested in over the last five years?

Digital Print. It has allowed us to develop and expand our core product range.


6. How has investing in new technologies helped you & your business? 

It has allowed us to enter new markets yet still concentrating on our core products.


7. Do you hire in-house staff with specialist knowledge of the technological landscape? 

It is something we would consider but as yet we have had great success in training existing staff, this also helps staff morale as it increases staff prospects.


8. How would you advise smaller businesses to be empowered by harnessing new technologies? 

Embrace new technologies but ensure that there is a market for the product/process that you are intending to promote.



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