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Our New Range of Sustainable Awards

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Our New Range of Sustainable Awards

Brunel Trophies & Awards - Sustainability

When forests thrive, people prosper!  Forests help us more than we think!  They regulate our climate, clean the air we breathe, and filter the water we drink.  Forests also provide habitat for more than two-thirds of terrestrial wildlife and plants.  They are one of our most important resources, offering a renewable supply of materials and goods we need for a more sustainable future.

Unfortunately, many forest areas are under attack from illegal logging and other harmful practices.  More than 12 million hectares of forest are lost each year, the equivalent of approx. 150 tennis courts every minute!

FSC Wooded Engraved Awards

We at Brunel are trying to do our bit for the environment with the introduction of our sustainable awards! New to our range is a stunning collection of FSC certified sustainable wooden awards.  Sourced with the environment in mind these beautifully crafted awards are designed to leave a minimal carbon footprint while making a lasting impression. These products are produced from Beech wood, are offered in four distinct designs and can be personalized with either our laser engraver or with a full colour print.

Printed Acrylic Recycled Awards

We have also introduced our recycled acrylic awards.  Beautifully designed and environmentally friendly, our new UK sourced acrylic awards are sustainably sourced and are made from recycled waste.  Available with full colour print.

By selecting one of these options, you can feel confident that you are supporting sustainable practices and reducing the impact on the environment!

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